Create the intelligent TDP to reduce cost

The various DISCUS modules for use on your Windows workstation:

DISCUS Desktop – The foundation module for managing the TDP and identifying characteristics and requirements.

DISCUS OCR – Use Optical Character Recognition to help extract characteristics from drawing images and specification documents.

DISCUS Results – Enter actual result values for the characteristics and have the system automatically validate compliance.

DISCUS CMM – Import results from CMM Reports and incorporate the values into DISCUS Results and inspection reports.

DISCUS Planner – Manage characteristics by specific operation including the creation of process illustrations and work instructions.

DISCUS 3D – Interrogate the native 3D CAD model (CATIA, Pro/E, NX) and annotations to automatically identify characteristics and illustrations.

The Solutions page provides a more detailed description of how you can mix and match the various DISCUS modules to create the solution that is the best fit for your organization.