The Frequently Asked Questions about DISCUS Advanced:


What are the DISCUS Connect-iTDP Server installation approaches?

There are two installation approaches for a DISCUS Connect system. It can be: 1) installed internally on one of your servers that is always available and accessible to users running DISCUS Desktop and/or browsers, or 2) a cloud-based system that is hosted by DISCUS Software Company.

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What is the architecture of the Connect-iTDP Server?

DISCUS Connect and the iTDP Server consist of three software applications working together: a front-end Web Server (DISCUS Connect), an Application Server for the business logic (the iTDP Server), and a Database Server for storing the information. The configuration is very scalable, and depending upon the quantity of users, all three software applications can reside on one hardware server. Alternatively, for a larger quantity of users, the software applications can be split across multiple hardware servers to support a very scalable environment.
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How does DISCUS Desktop connect and communicate to the iTDP Server?

DISCUS Desktop, DISCUS Connect, and other business systems communicate with the iTDP Server using industrial-strength RESTful web services.

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What are the configuration requirements for DISCUS Connect and the iTDP Server?

DISCUS Connect and the iTDP Server use business-proven but very economical tools for the Prerequisite Software:

  • Apache Tomcat 7.X (used for the DISCUS Connect and iTDP Server software)
  • MySQL 5.X (used as the database for the iTDP Server)
  • Java JRE 6.X

Web users can access DISCUS Connect using common browsers and operating system, including Internet Explorer 7 and later, Firefox 4 and later, and/or Chrome 10 and later. DISCUS Desktop users connect to the iTDP Server using a login dialog that appears in the user interface.

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