A more detailed listing of features and benefits appears below:

DISCUS 3D Feature Pertinent Business Benefit
Incorporates native CAD models into the TDP Ensures that CAD model along with other documents in captured and organized
Open native CAD model formats – CATIA, Pro/E, NX, SolidWorks Supports most common formats used to share CAD models. No CAD software or data conversion necessary
Interrogate and extract requirements data from 3D models Reduces time and labor to understand model and identify characteristics
Automatically create Bill of Characteristics from models with PMI Reduces time and labor dramatically to identify characteristics
Create characteristics by measuring model features Reduces time and labor to identify characteristics that are not addressed by PMI
Automatically create illustration views with balloons Reduces time and labor to create documentation for FAI, in-process inspection, etc.
Selectively filter the display of datums, balloons, and other annotations Improves communication by eliminating extraneous information from the display
Customizable illustration views using multiple model parameters Ensures that 3D view of part is sensible to viewers accustomed to simple 2D drawings
Export illustrations with balloons to 2D PDF Supports the legacy world where users are accustomed to 2D layouts
Export ballooned model to 3D PDF Provides means for sharing characteristic requirement in the 3D model-based enterprise