document_20_4_164The Frequently Asked Questions about DISCUS OCR:

Is DISCUS OCR included with the other DISCUS products?

No. It is an add-on to DISCUS Desktop, and it is available for an extra fee. See the Pricing Page for more details. You can also get a 30-day trial of OCR. See the Download page for more details.

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Why does some of my OCR text look garbled or unintelligible?

The OCR rendering engine is designed to recognize text through the use of pattern recognition.  The success of this rendering depends entirely on the quality of the text image.  If the text is handwritten, it is much more difficult for the OCR software to detect a letter A versus one that is typed.  Another factor is the how the text was originally generated.  If it was scanned from a poor quality drawing or spec, then the results will likely also be poor.

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