comingsoon1DISCUS 7.2 will have some new updated features. These features have been added at the requests of our customers and will help make DISCUS a better, more usable tool for all your FAI needs.

Improved OCR

DISCUS 7.2 will feature the best OCR recognition between GD&T Dimensions or Text/Notes is selected, so no need to switch between the two–it’s done for you.

Better Zoom and Pan

DISCUS 7.2  makes it so you can zoom in with your mouse wheel and use your pan mode tool to zoom in a selected area of the drawing.

Enhanced Characteristics Properties Box

The Characteristic Properties box is now non-modal, so you can pick the characteristic to select via the BoC or on the drawing panel. While the Characteristic Properties box is active, you can still activate other functions, giving you the most flexibility as you work on the FAI.

And many more…