DISCUS Software is proud to announce their latest software update, DISCUS 2024.

DISCUS 2024 is a major upgrade to the software that helps make great strides in the speed and accuracy of DISCUS. In DISCUS 2024, we’re continuing our development of Intelligent Drawing Analysis (IDA®). IDA® continues to represent a powerful evolution in manufacturing and quality engineering software solutions and comes with several important benefits for you. IDA® offers endless room for innovative solutions and improvements with its underlying AI technology.

DISCUS 2024 is the result of internal and external feedback from more than 2000 customers. We strive to enhance the DISCUS experience across all of our DISCUS modules.

DISCUS 2024 has improvements that include:

  • Implemented new Package FAIR export option. Users can now export drawings, specifications, documents, models, and excel data all at once to a specified location
    – Planner currently excluded – a future update will be released for Planner Users soon
  • Added Part Type to the Parts List CSV import
  • Added ability to import Supplier Codes via CSV to the Material/Process Configuration Screen
  • Values imported via CMM can now be applied to Tolerance Designation Characteristics
  • Added new Orders/Reports dropdown to Detail Panel for easy switching between orders/reports for Results users
    – Dropdown will only display if more than 1 report/order exists within the TDP
  • Formulas in Excel Templates should now calculate upon export when referencing data exported out of DISCUS
  • Added ability to resize Text Field of Notes in Characteristic Quick Edit
    – Size is limited by the height of the Detail Panel
  • Added Revision Preference to Settings for users to specify Rev B or Rev C as default for the Part Accountability Tab
  • Added toggleable Warning when opening Rev B TDPs with Rev C set as preference
  • Removed requirement of Part Type when Part Accountability is set to Rev B
  • Re-added ability to place balloons inside existing balloons
  • Added ability to place balloons inside IDA® candidates
  • Moved former Package TDP export to the Help Menu and renamed it: Export all TDP files for Support
  • Added Make Active button to Profile Settings screen
  • Added warnings when DISCUS looks for a Custom Profile directory and cannot find it
  • Re-enabled Model Menu > View Controls sub-menu for 3D users
  • Added new Results Excel Token ${boc_resultStatusWord} which outputs Pass/Fail/Caution for a characteristic
  • Upgraded internal libraries to address potential vulnerabilities
  • And more…

To see the full list of release notes CLICK HERE.

We are committed to customer satisfaction and are dedicated to making your DISCUS experience great.

“DISCUS IDA® is extremely impressive. It provides tremendous productivity improvements in the extraction of information from 2D drawings.” – Mike Parsley, Quality Assurance, 110 Metalworks

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DISCUS 2024 improves the features that are already included in the intuitive user experience.

To try out DISCUS 2024, download the free trial installer.

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