indecisive6We know how important the decision is to choose and implement software into your manufacturing operations.

That is why we have developed the ‘Boss Kit” this is a series of documents to augment your decision making process. Below  is a list of available Boss Kit components. Visit the Boss Kit page to get what you need.

Executive Management

  • Executive Overview
  • Business Benefits
  • Benefits Calculator

Quality/Manufacturing Management

  • DISCUS Destop – Product Features/Benefits by Module (4 pages)
  • DISCUS Connect – Product Features/Benefits by Module (1 page)
  • DISCUS Desktop Product Brochure (2 pages)
  • DISCUS Competitive Comparison (4 Pages) Click to Read Now
  • Customer Case Studies (3 pages)
  • Customer Testimonials (1 page)
  • General FAQ (1 page)
  • DISCUS Desktop Licensing Options (1 Page

Purchasing/Information Technology

  • DISCUS Connect – iTDP Server FAQ (1 page)
  • DISCUS Desktop Software FAQ (1 page)
  • DISCUS License Server FAQ (1 page)
  • Order Form (1 page)

Visit the Boss Kit page to get what you need.