DISCUS Software is proud to announce their latest software update, DISCUS 2023, Update 2.

DISCUS 2023 U2 is a major update to the software that helps make great strides in the speed and accuracy of DISCUS. In DISCUS 2023 U2, we’re continuing our development of Intelligent Drawing Analysis (IDA™). IDA™ continues to represent a powerful evolution in manufacturing and quality engineering software solutions and comes with several important benefits for you. IDA™ offers endless room for innovative solutions and improvements with its underlying AI technology.

DISCUS 2023 U2 is the result of internal and external feedback from more than 2000 customers. We strive to enhance the DISCUS experience across all of our DISCUS modules.

DISCUS 2023 U2 has improvements that include:

  • Implementing the ability to automatically convert characteristics from one measuring system to another. This feature can be found in the Characteristics or Results tab of the Detail Panel when one or more characteristics are selected; raise the context menu on a selected characteristic and navigate to Convert Selected Characteristics to x Measuring System, where x is the alternate measuring system.
  • Implementing the ability to automatically renumber balloons in patterns consistent with the most common numbering practices. This feature can be found in the Drawing Panel when more than one balloon is selected; raise the context menu on a selected balloon, navigate to Renumber Characteristics, and select one of the following options
    • Clockwise from Center
    • Anticlockwise from Center
    • Left to right, top to bottom
    • Right to left, bottom to top
  • Adding the ability to add a completed drawing to the open TDP via the Document Queue Manager
  • Adding a feature to reset files located in the %appdata% path via the DISCUS Desktop UI
  • Adding an information dialog when removing IDA™ cache data via the Document Queue Manager
  • Updating the ${boc_value} token to include information for additional data types
    The legacy functionality of this token has been deprecated to a new token: ${boc_valueLegacy}
  • Updating various libraries, SDKs, components, and other artifacts to the current supported version
  • More than 50 bug fixes…

We are committed to customer satisfaction and are dedicated to making your DISCUS experience great.

According to Dave DeVandry, CEO of De KING Screw Products, “DISCUS IDA™ has saved us an astronomical amount of time in just formatting reports. By using the new IDA™ capabilities, inspectors can export any type of report we would like or need. DISCUS software is great by itself for ballooning the drawing, but a bonus is that it also produces inspection plans. The versatility the software provides is greatly beneficial.”
Dave DeVandry added, “By completing Inspection Reports for 20 parts per month with DISCUS, we save a minimum of 40 hours per month. The return-on-investment for DeKING was made within the first month of using DISCUS!”

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DISCUS 2023 U2 improves the features that are already included in the intuitive user experience.

To try out DISCUS 2023 U2, download the free trial installer.

For questions or a demo, contact [email protected] or call 614-360-2424 ext. 1.