We are pleased to announce DISCUS 8.0 is released.upgrade

DISCUS 8.0 is packed with new features and improvements based primarily on the valued feedback of our customers. We are happy to announce the following features and want to thank our customers for the great ideas!

DISCUS 8.0 – Key Enhancements

  • Improved OCR Pattern Recognition – Now includes support for GD&T symbols as well as improved translation for Feature Control Frames. Better recognition of numeric values such as the number 1 when it represents like an I. DISCUS OCR recognizes this as a 1.
  • Customizable Non-Reportable Balloon Colors – Now, non-reportable balloons can be set to any color, regardless of status. Feel free to set default values too!
  • Bill of Characteristics-Redesigned for Ease of Use—The Bill of Characteristics has been designed with function and speed for all users. All the data you need to have is visible with tabs such as Requirements, Results, Parts List, Material and Process and Functional Test in easy to use and see tabs. If you don’t want to view these tabs, easily remove them from view.
  • Undo and Redo Functions: Under the Edit menu, undo the latest command or redo a command in just a click. This is ideal for correcting an error or undoing a deletion, for example. You asked for it and DISCUS delivers.
  • Auto Sub Balloon Option– If you need to automatically copy and paste a requirement but make the copies sub balloons this can be an automatic feature you will use every day. With OCR if a diameter is 4X or 4 PL, balloon this with the function checked and the parent balloon will display with sub balloons that are partially hidden. This is ideal when you need to unclutter the drawing with many sub balloons but have visibility to the required data. The Requirement table will show each item as a separate characteristic.
  • Move Balloons from One Drawing to Another: Now you can cut many characteristics from one page and paste them to another. This is ideal when a new revision adds a page and you need to move balloons from one drawing to another in a matter of two clicks.
  • Improved Balloon Re-numbering. Now you can drag a parent balloon making it a sub balloon or vice versa! Drop and Drag has more options to make re-ordering easier.
  • Move Drawings in the Bill of Documents: Now you can re order the drawings in the Bill of Documents. Simply select the drawing to move and click the up or down arrow. The drawings will export in the order you select.
  • Improved Zone/Grid Display: Keep the Zone Grid window open and make your changes such as number of horizontal or vertical values and click Apply. Indicate which items to exclude such as I or O and click Apply. Move the grid and Apply without having to open and close this window. Now that’s fast!
  • Make many characteristics Non-reportable or Reportable: Select a group of characteristics and right-click to make them Non-Reportable or Reportable as the case may be.
  • Import XML Results: Modify the XML for results and override or update the results with this function.
  • Template Builder in Excel: Open this function and use the wizard to create your custom templates! Load them into DISCUS for immediate use! The power of creating templates is in your hands.
  • Set Template to Default: Select the template from the drop-down list and then click to retain this as your default. No need to hunt for your favorite template.
  • Set Validation to AS9102 Standards: Not sure what are mandatory fields in AS9102 Rev B? No problem! We have it covered. You can set the validation to this setting and when you export, DISCUS will prompt you to complete the required fields so you are always in compliance with the standard. The validation will warn you that all results are not entered plus warn you of omissions of other critical data as well. Choose from AS9102 Required for mandatory AS9102 fields or choose All to have a validation for the required and conditionally required fields.
  • Remove Templates: If you want to streamline the number of templates in your output, select the template to remove (like Revision A!)and remove it from the list.
  • Themes: Want to have a different look and feel to DISCUS? Under Tools, select a theme so the DISCUS display fits your mood and preference. Choose Classic or Metal from the Tools menu. Classic is the default.
  • More Color Options: Change the colors of the Detail panel at the bottom (BoC) for different background for Requirements, Results and even the table grid lines. Customize the look to meet your own preferences!
  • Improved Drawing Revision Compare: Easily save and then print the comparison of the new revision, highlighting the differences between the two versions.
  • New Template for Result Sets: Now you can use a template to export multiple results as horizontal columns. This is ideal for showing lots and result runs.
  • Ability to Enter Go/No Go for Dimensional Values: With DISCUS results you can now enter Pass/Fail values for variable data.
  • Create Custom TDP Properties. In Manage Reports click to create new fields for TDP Properties.


To try out DISCUS 8.0, download the free trial installer.

For questions or further info, please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer them for you.