DISCUS Software is proud to announce their latest software update, DISCUS 2023 U3.

DISCUS 2023 U3 is a major update that continues to make great strides in the speed and accuracy of DISCUS. In DISCUS 2023 U3, we’ve added support for AS9102 Rev C plus continued our development of Intelligent Drawing Analysis (IDA®). IDA® continues to represent a powerful evolution in manufacturing and quality engineering software solutions and comes with several important benefits for you. IDA® offers endless room for innovative solutions and improvements with its underlying AI technology.

According to Matt Furtaw, Metrologist at Woodward, he saw the results of DISCUS IDA® right away. “Once we switched to the new system, it was so clean,” he says. “It recognized everything.” He says the solution has “absolutely” increased productivity, allowing his team to rely on automatically captured and ballooned data with only minor corrections. “It saves time, money and headaches.”

As mentioned above, this update also includes enhancements that include AS9102 Rev C support. According to Jake Hart, Director of Sales and Marketing for DISCUS, “This release also focuses on the update to AS9102 Rev C; the AS9102 Rev C excel template has been added and is now available in the default Profile. The part accountability tab now has the option to switch between AS9102 Rev B and Rev C.”

Hart adds, “The goal of this latest release is to keep pushing DISCUS to new levels. One other feature DISCUS 2023 U3 allows, is a user to replace an existing FAIR via the Net-Inspect Export using the same FAIR number.”

DISCUS 2023 Update 3 is the result of internal and external feedback from almost 2500 customers. We strive to enhance the DISCUS experience across all our DISCUS modules.

DISCUS 2023 U3 has improvements that include:

  • AS9102 Rev C Support Added
  • AS9102 Rev C Excel template added to Default Profile
  • Part Accountability tab now has a switch to change between Rev B and Rev C
  • New tokens added to support Rev C fields
    • ${tdpDocumentedNonconformance}
    • ${tdpForm1Comment}
    • ${tdpForm2Comment}
    • ${tdpDetailCheckbox}
    • ${tdpAssemblyCheckbox}
    • ${tdpFullFAICheckbox}
    • ${tdpPartialFAICheckbox}
    • ${tdpDNCYesCheckbox}
    • ${tdpDNCNoCheckbox}
    • ${comp_partType}
    • Additional Tokens exist to align with Rev C naming conventions.
  • Implemented feature to replace an existing FAIR via the Net-Inspect Export using the same FAIR number
  • Re-implemented the ability to re-draw and re-evaluate requirement images in Characteristic Properties
  • Implemented IDA® multiple candidate conversion numbering preference
  • Added ability to export Custom Requirement and Custom Report Fields to and from CSV
  • Implemented support for the Comment field on Material/Processes CSV import
  • Added ability to change the Decimal Separator in Drawing Properties on the fly
  • Profiles save properly now upon import/export
  • Tolerance Templates are now stored in the Profile
  • Added “Show Logs Folder” to the Help Menu
  • Added Automatic Leader Line creation option to Default Balloon Properties
  • Updated Net-Inspect Validator to reflect most recent Net-Inspect API limitations
  • Added Predefined List functionality to the Supplier field for Material/Processes and Parts List
  • Added ability to upload multiple “other” documents at once via the Bill of Documents
  • Updated various libraries, SDKs, components, and other artifacts to the current supported version
  • Various IDA® improvements
  • Various UI improvements and adjustments
  • And more…

We are committed to customer satisfaction and are dedicated to making your DISCUS experience even more positive.

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DISCUS 2023 U3 provides upgraded features that continue to help the user have a great experience while using DISCUS.

To try out DISCUS 2023 U3, Download the free trial installer.

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