Come see DISCUS Software’s all new IDA® of 2D PDF drawings at the WESTEC Tradeshow in Long Beach, CA from Tuesday, November 7th – Thursday, November 9th. Stop by and say hello, plus see what show specials w have for you!

Come check us out at booth #3128 and see our:

  • IDA® and Auto Ballooning 2D Drawings in action!
  • First Article Inspection Reporting (AS9102, PPAP, First Piece, etc.)
  • In-process Inspection Planning
  • 3D Modeling Capability
  • Setup Verification Sheets
  • Operation Work Instructions

We look forward to seeing you soon.

If you can’t make it to WESTEC learn more about DISCUS Software below.

Download DISCUS and try it out.

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If you have any other questions please contact us at 614-360-2424 or email us at [email protected].


Client Comments

“We are striving to eliminate the amount of time spent transferring PC-DMIS CMM Report results, onto the inspection reports as well as the FAI reports. DISCUS CMM is a great tool for this task, with the new CSV format in the DISCUS CMM module it will become less time consuming to achieve this goal.  We look forward to working with DISCUS.” – Alejandra Ortega, CMM Programmer, Magellan Aerospace – Ellanef Mfg. Corp.

“This software tool has saved valuable time in report preparation. By simply ballooning and capturing a feature, the software writes text to the AS9102 form. DISCUS is a great product!” – James Bryan, Quality Assurance Inspector, Micro Craft Inc.

“DISCUS takes the potential for human error out of the equation and has checking points to ensure you’re in line with FAI standards.”– Joe Murphy, Chairman, Ferco Tech, Inc

“Since we have purchased the DISCUS software we have not only applied DISCUS to our First Article and Final Inspection planning, we have also applied the techniques to our First Piece Inspection program. As a result we as a company have cut our document creation time by 200% which helps keep Aerostar Aerospace at the forefront of American Manufacturing. My customers could not be happier with us because of this, and in turn, we could not be happier with DISCUS. ” – Patrick Montgomery, Quality Manager, Aerostar Aerospace Manufacturing