Soar Through Your FAI Audit

quality 1You know the scenario all too well. All productivity comes to a halt as your customer schedules an audit. You work around the clock assembling the information your auditor is likely to request– past First Article Inspections, Internal Inspection Sheets, Certificates of Compliance (current, of course), calibration records, and the list goes on and on. And you assume you were prepared, until the auditor asks for a document you cannot find. As you riffle through the folders trying to find that one heat treat certificate, that seems elusive, you throw your hands up, “Where is it??”

Then another problem occurs: Your auditor leaves your office with the irritated remark, “Call me when you are ready.” Red-faced, you later find that document stuffed between a couple other pages, but it’s too late. You reschedule later and go through the same scenario, hoping another document is not wedged where it cannot be reviewed at a moment’s notice.

Repeating the same process over and over again for each audit, hoping for new results, isn’t progress, it’s crazy. Isn’t it time for you to solve your auditor’s demands without adding stress to yourself and your overwhelmed staff? Don’t you wish that in one place, you could make two clicks and show your auditor all the salient documents in one easy- to-view location? Here is a quality solution you can count on!

Try software designed with this scenario in mind to stop the craziness. With DISCUS you can access the FAI, the certificates, the images of the part marking, the actual part photo, and any specifications in one easy-to-find location. Plus this data can be zipped down and archived on your server or ERP system for easy and accurate long term storage. This will save you and your auditor a great deal of time and that is priceless.

Now when your auditor drops by for a visit, simply launch a DISCUS Technical Data Package (TDP), and in seconds, your auditor can review all the information of that part, plus all the CMM data results, CAD modeling information and much more in record time. You don’t have to frantically thumb through folders and pages in a vain effort to locate a document. Instead of leaving your office, clearly frustrated, your auditor easily reviews the data and then has a real dialogue about future plans, your methodology and of course future business. By being able to access the data in one location, at any time, you can give your customer confidence in your processes and your ability to meet the needs of industry. Indeed, nothing breeds confidence like competence and with DISCUS this competence is built into each TDP function.

Download DISCUS today to meet the demands of your audits tomorrow. Save time, be more productive and earn more business with DISCUS. That’s a quality solution that will work for you every time.

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