Announcing DISCUS 7.0 – Key Enhancements

upgradeDISCUS 7.0 is a major upgrade that includes enhancements to all DISCUS products. This release is packed with new features and improvements based primarily on the valued feedback of our customers.

We are happy to announce the following features now available in DISCUS 7.0:

  • Enhanced OCR: Set the checkbox for GD&T and the new OCR will capture symbols, such as diameter, depth and basic dimensions plus populate feature control frames. You can use the calibrate function to easily find the ideal OCR settings, once and for all in that drawing.
  • Compare PDFs: This is ideal for finding the differences between revisions. Any changes in the new revision will display in red. Review the drawings before you create a revision, as well.
  • More balloon colors:  In addition to changing shape and size of selected balloons, now users can change the color of any flag note use or unused, non-reportable items plus the result balloon colors, such as changing the yellow warning to orange for better visibility.
  • Bonus Tolerance: Now you can enter the bonus tolerance in the results module and have this value automatically included in the result pass/warning/fail status.
  • Batch Results Edit:  You can set or change result fields for select characteristics. Filter and/or select the characteristics to change. For example, for all diameters and the measurement equipment is an outside diameter micrometer, you can select all the dimensions in results and use the batch function to populate all the selected items with the equipment, thus saving you much time and fewer clicks.
  • Find number in the Extract Text: When using extract text for parts list, you can enter the find number at that same time.
  • More CMM Flexibility: CSV files for DISCUS CMM allow for more flexible data use, such as not requiring information that your CSV file does not support and allowing for deviation or measurement, not mandating both.
  • Package all TDP Documents in File Export: All the items in your TDP Bill of Documents are included in the zip file so you can archive a complete TDP. Find this in the File Export function.
  • CSV File Upload for Functional Test- Now you can use the CSV file upload (as you did for Parts List and Specs) for a one click upload for that section in Form 2.
  • Improved QC-Gage Integration – For QC-Gage users, the images from DISCUS now display in the output plus any customized field in DISCUS will have an option to display when you output to this software.
  • Improved Net-Inspect Export – Attach your entire FAI for viewing in Net-inspect. Upload Form 1 as well as a separate document with your ballooned drawing. Plus you can have multiple levels of sub-balloons which is uploaded seamlessly into Net-Inspect
  • Improved Inspection Planner Functionality –DISCUS Inspection Planner is better than ever with more ease of use and export options.  All the export functions are now under the File menu andcustomization of the process plan are a few of the improvements to the in-process Inspection Planning module. You can export all or just selected operations to the MS Excel export as well. Snap Rectangle Image & GD&T symbols created by the GD&T Editor are now supported for a complete reporting process.

DISCUS 3D Improvements:

  •  Associate Balloons with Multiple Entities – select one characteristic and highlight multiple entities, you can even drop leader lines to call them out.
  • Find model entities with the same Diameter or Radius dimension – select onecharacteristic then search the model for features with the same requirement.
  • Characteristic Identifiers in the Model Tree – model entities that have characteristics are now shown in the model tree.
  • Model Tree Export – Optionally include ballooned or all model tree entries in the 2D PDF inspection report export.
  • 3D Backfill – You can now create characteristics with results directly from your CMM report on the 3D model.
  • Improved 3D PDF Support – Added support for more 3D PDF variations

To try out DISCUS 7.0, download the free trial installer.

For further info, please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer them for you.