DISCUS Software is proud to announce our latest software update, DISCUS Desktop 2022 U1. The DISCUS Desktop software tools are productivity solutions that dramatically reduce the time it takes to complete First Article Inspection, in-process inspection planning and process planning.

DISCUS 2022 U1 responds to the feedback DISCUS has received from our extensive customer base and addresses critical issues found in DISCUS 2022.

With DISCUS 2022 U1, users will experience faster and more reliable ballooning of drawings. See below for the more detailed list:

New Features

  • Implemented support for double-positive and double-negative tolerances
  • Implemented the ability for IDA™ to detect surface roughness symbols on drawings
  • Implemented new robust measuring capabilities to/from areas of a section in DISCUS 3D
  • Overhauled the user experience when manually ballooning. DISCUS IDA™ will now return a single characteristic per snap rectangle rather than suggesting multiple candidates when more than one requirement is detected in the region specified
  • Implemented a Manual Balloon Mode control in the main toolbar, allowing the use to specify if they are manually ballooning notes or GD&T
  • Improved the accuracy of lower-case text when manually ballooning
  • Implemented IDA™ evaluation of requirements images derived from the specification panel
  • Implemented support for the import of all results fields via the Excel template “Results Import Template”

“DISCUS IDA is extremely impressive. It provides tremendous productivity improvements in the extraction of information from 2D drawings” – Mike Parsley, Quality Assurance, 110 Metalworks

To see DISCUS 2022 U1’s full release notes click here.

To try out DISCUS 2022 U1, download the free trial installer.

For questions or further info, please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer them for you.

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