DISCUS CMM software saves companies time and effort—and helps eliminate errors—as it automates the process of incorporating CMM results into FAI and ISIR reports.

It helps prevent errors by leaving nothing to chance. It automatically matches up part numbers in the CMM report with those in the FAI report and transfers issues addressed in the CMM report to the FAI report. Manually, these kinds of operations take half a minute to a full minute for each characteristic—compared to just seconds with CMM software.

CMM software offers users several benefits. It frees up users’ time that would normally be spent manually inputting data, as the CMM report automatically enters results and formats it for easy analysis. The software also has the capability of automatically generating an FAI report.

Another automatic function of the CMM software is that it compares any issues discovered in the CMM report with the Bill of Characteristics to make certain quality is maintained throughout the development process. A special feature of the software is that it automatically points out discrepancies and problems between the CMM report and the Bill of Characteristics, highlighting them to reduce their chances of being overlooked.

DISCUS CMM software allows the user to work in the DISCUS desktop interface for ease of use.  The entire inspection process can be completed within the DISCUS platform. To run, the CMM software does not require other software.

The CMM software saves users time and expense in a variety of ways, including the elimination of manual importing of results from CMM reports to formal inspection reports. It also enables FAI reports and ballooned drawings to be created directly from CMM reports.

It efficiently handles reports by being able to manage multiple measurements for proper reporting.

CMM software helps promote quality through the entire design and development process—on through the final inspection process and production—as it reduces the opportunity for error that can be common in manual processes. And as it promotes product quality, it helps companies save time and money.