Save Time and Money with DISCUS CMM Software

DISCUS CMM software is a tool that allows you to import CMM Reports and then use the inspection results and the ballooned drawing to formalize the FAI and PPAP reports.  In that way, the formalizing of the reports takes place inside DISCUS, streamlining the process and saving time, effort, and money.

DISCUS CMM is an add-on to DISCUS Desktop, and the user has several options to enter CMM Report values into the FAI report

  1. The software can read the CMM report headers and automatically complete the result values
  2. The DISCUS CMM Software can suggest the likely feature and characteristics matches
  3. The software allows the user to “backfill” from the CMM Report and automatically generate a ballooned drawing and Bill of Characteristics

Several Benefits

There are several important benefits to DISCUS CMM software.  First of all, the CMM Report automatically enters and formats the results.  The benefit?  This helpful process allows the user to be free from reviewing the data in manually and from entering the data onto a formal FAI report.  Secondly, DISCUS CMM has the ability to suggest mapping of characteristics to CMM axes.  This important process results in the reduction of potential quality escapes, because the time for mapping the CMM Report to an FAI is reduced. Finally, the DISCUS CMM Software has the built-in ability to take a CMM Report and automatically backfill and also create an FAI Report.  This important step allows a customer-acceptable report to be quickly created from a CMM Report.

The software can automatically check any issues found in the CMM Report and then compare it to the Bill of Characteristics.  This results in the reduction of quality escapes.

Familiar, independent Interface

When working with DISCUS CMM, the user can work in the familiar DISCUS Desktop environment and interface.  The DISCUS CMM interface appears as just another panel to the right of the Drawing/Model panel.

As importantly, DISCUS CMM doesn’t require other software to run.  Instead, it operates by intelligently reading the CMM Report and then mapping the CMM axes to BoC characteristics.  A helpful feature is that the software will automatically locate discrepancies and issues between the CMM Report and the existing Bill of Characteristics.

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