Licensing approaches that provide you with the greatest value

Apple iTunes became popular with music listeners because it does not require users to purchase entire albums to get the one or two songs that are of interest. In a similar fashion, DISCUS doesn’t require you to purchase more licenses than you need. For example, for floating licenses, DISCUS allows you to purchase different quantities of each DISCUS module.

Many companies are using DISCUS among different types of users each with differing efforts. For example, you may have one engineer using DISCUS Desktop to create first articles from 2D legacy drawings, a second engineer using DISCUS to create in-process inspection plans from drawings and models, and a third engineer using 3D models in DISCUS to develop process plans. In this scenario, you could license 2 to 3 floating seats of DISCUS Desktop, 1 DISCUS IDA add-on, 1 to 2 DISCUS Planner add-ons, and 1 DISCUS 3D add-on.


This enables you to be most efficient in your expenditures for licenses.