DISCUS Software is proud to announce their latest software update, DISCUS 2022.

DISCUS 2022 is a huge update to the software and makes great strides in the speed and accuracy of DISCUS. In DISCUS 2022, we’re moving from OCR to Intelligent Drawing Analysis (IDA™). The move to IDA™ represents a powerful evolution in manufacturing and quality engineering software solutions and comes with several important benefits for you. Why the switch? OCR technology has limitations and IDA™ offers endless room for innovative solutions and improvements with its underlying AI technology.

DISCUS 2022 is the result of internal and external feedback from nearly 2000 customers. We strive to enhance the DISCUS experience across all of our DISCUS modules.

DISCUS 2022 has improvements that include:

  • Intelligent Drawing Analysis (IDA™)
    • IDA™ is an add-on module that replaces the OCR add-on module
    • IDA™ will automatically analyze the entire drawing and propose candidate characteristics
    • Candidates and characteristics allow review, editing, and disposition within the drawing panel via respective popovers
    • Improved characteristic type detection
    • Reduces the amount of time required to complete an FAI on most good quality digital PDF drawings
  • DISCUS 2022 3D add-on module
    • Implemented the concept of model views, retiring the separate, secondary legacy Illustration Manager mode
    • Integrated model view creation and modification directly into the Model display panel
    • Improved the model toolbar
    • Moved most 3D features which required dialogs to drawers at the left and right sides of the model panel
    • Improved the measuring tool
    • New Sectioning Tool with simpler, intuitive user interface, retiring the Cutting Planes dialogs
    • Improved model support
    • Improvements to the rendering of GD&T in the Model Panel of the DISCUS 3D add-on module
    • Added the ability to orient model PMI to the screen
  • DISCUS License Server (DLS) product
    • DLS replaces the legacy on-premise DISCUS Floating License Server (DFLS) product
    • DLS is compatible with DISCUS versions 0.0 and greater
    • DLS only applies to licenses which have an Internal Floating share type
    • DLS is a subscription-only product. Existing customers will be offered the subscription at no cost during the sunsetting period and then may elect to purchase a subscription to DLS or switch their license to an External Floating share type at no cost.
  • And more…

We are committed to customer satisfaction and are dedicated to making your DISCUS experience great.

“DISCUS IDA is extremely impressive. It provides tremendous productivity improvements in the extraction of information from 2D drawings.” – Mike Parsley, Quality Assurance, 110 Metalworks

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DISCUS 2022 improves the features that are already included in the intuitive user experience.

To try out DISCUS 2022, download the free trial installer.

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