DISCUS Software is proud to announce their latest software update, DISCUS 2023.

DISCUS 2023 is a major upgrade to the software that helps make great strides in the speed and accuracy of DISCUS. In DISCUS 2023, we’re continuing our development of Intelligent Drawing Analysis (IDA™). IDA™ continues to represent a powerful evolution in manufacturing and quality engineering software solutions and comes with several important benefits for you. IDA™ offers endless room for innovative solutions and improvements with its underlying AI technology.

DISCUS 2023 is the result of internal and external feedback from more than 2000 customers. We strive to enhance the DISCUS experience across all of our DISCUS modules.

DISCUS 2023 has improvements that include:

  • The all new IDA™ Document Queue Manager feature. This feature allows a user to queue an unlimited number of drawings for IDA™ pre-processing. Documents in the queue will automatically process in the background when DISCUS Desktop is running.
  • Enhanced IDA™ detection and recognition capabilities. IDA™ has continued to evolve and provides more accurate results than ever before.
  • Support for the most current 3D model formats in DISCUS 3D
  • Beta support for non-English language packs installed on the operating system
  • Adding a warning dialog when locking characteristics when using the New Drawing Revision feature
  • Improved IDA™ recognition of lowercase text
  • Improved IDA™ detection of surface roughness requirements
  • Improved IDA™ detection of requirements that are specified as multiple places
  • Improved IDA™ detection of flag notes
  • Improved IDA™ detection of stacked limit dimensions
  • Improved IDA™ detection of feature control frames which have inconsistent spacing
  • Improved IDA™ detection of requirements which are related to each other using the “X” character; ex. [Chamfer Size] X [Chamfer Angle]
  • Improved IDA™ detection of the “1” character
  • Improved IDA™ detection of reference requirements
  • Improved the user experience when adding .stp models to the TDP when using DISCUS 3D
  • Reduction in IDA™ false positive candidates
  • Improved certain user interfaces in DISCUS 3D
  • Implementing a spinner control for the Places field in characteristic properties
  • Enhanced the user experience when navigating Characteristic Properties using the keyboard
  • Adding a property to the Net-Inspect validator to check for the maximum value of custom fields in the TDP
  • And more…

We are committed to customer satisfaction and are dedicated to making your DISCUS experience great.

“DISCUS IDA is extremely impressive. It provides tremendous productivity improvements in the extraction of information from 2D drawings.” – Mike Parsley, Quality Assurance, 110 Metalworks

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DISCUS 2023 improves the features that are already included in the intuitive user experience.

To try out DISCUS 2023, download the free trial installer.

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