Today, DISCUS Software is happy to announce the release of DISCUS Software 9.0 with Auto Ballooning. This release focuses on the feedback we’ve received from our customers and responds to a critical and long awaited industry need: Auto Ballooning of PDF and Tiff files.

Some of the many features we’ve incorporated since DISCUS 8.5 include improving OCR performance and responsiveness. The value of a precise OCR has been a major commitment and focus of DISCUS software and continues to improve with each release.

Auto Ballooning of PDF and Tiff files

  • With DISCUS Auto Ballooning, users can automatically balloon an entire page or drawing in a few clicks.
  • Or users can select a specific area of view for auto recognition of balloon data and set up the specific requirements, with minimal user interactions.

This landmark technology is the first step of many we have planned for the coming months with our aim to continually improve the ease and speed of drawing markup/balloon and with minimal data entry.

OCR Improvements:

  • DISCUS OCR can now recognize stacked dimensions and automatically recognize references dimensions.
  • DISCUS OCR allows users to capture ancillary text, such as TYP, THRU, CHAM, CHAMFER, DEEP, etc. This information is structured with appropriate comments.
  • Users can now rotate dimensions by 15 degrees to support various dimensions that display at various angles other than 90 degrees. Images exported in the excel will be properly oriented and OCR will capture the data, as well.

Improved Drawing Panel:

  • Users will use the resizing function for easier navigation.
  • Users can easily balloon in crowded areas with better ballooning function.
  • Users can use the transparent Balloon option so that users can see “through” the balloon to view the underlying data.
  • Uses can select the Merge Multiple Characteristics for stacked dimension for auto balloon results and OCR usage.


  • Inspection Planner allows users to enter results for any operation in addition to the final Inspection.


To try out DISCUS 9.0, download the free trial installer.

For questions or further info, please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer them for you.