DISCUS Software is proud to announce our latest software update, DISCUS Desktop 9.5 with Net Inspect V5 integration, as well as improved results entry. The DISCUS Desktop software tools are productivity solutions that dramatically reduce the time it takes to complete First Article Inspection, in-process inspection planning and process planning.

DISCUS 9.5 responds to the feedback DISCUS has received from our extensive customer base and addresses critical issues found in DISCUS 9.2.

With DISCUS 9.5, users will experience faster and more reliable uploading to Net-Inspect, Results Import, Template Builder Improvements, plus more. See below for the more detailed list.

Net-Inspect V5 Integration

  • Much faster, very reliable
  • No more template upload method needed
  • DISCUS 9.5 can upload not only results, but multiple results, directly to Net-Inspect
  • Ability to upload FAA Approved, AOG, Internal FAI number, customer FAI number, customer part number fields to Net-Inspect

Results Import from Excel Improvements

  • Error dialog for problematic imports
  • Support for commas in numeric values, such as commas (1,234)
  • Many stability improvements
  • Ability to import Designed Tooling from Excel import feature
  • If a single value is not correctly formatted, the results import will fail; however, an error message will display for your correction, rather than the entire export failing

DISCUS Template Builder – Reliability improvements (and other templates with named ranges, which could cause errors on export) will now export seamlessly. Plus a warning and instruction will display explaining how to fix a template that wasn’t able to export (named ranges in workbook).

Default Tolerance – Stability improvements and validation are added so users cannot create a tolerance designator value with errors. Improved error proofing in DISCUS.

Zone Grid area – Stability improvements

Corrupt TDP’s – Stability improvements that will help prevent corrupt Technical Data Packages (TDPs) from occurring

DISCUS customer, Tyler Gomes from STD Precision Gear & Instrument, Inc., applauds DISCUS Desktop 9.0, “The amount of time saved and the ability to provided clear results with clean drawings is great. When it comes to busy/dimension heavy drawings, this feature is going to shine in its ability to save time for anyone who creates inspection reports.”

To try out DISCUS 9.5, download the free trial installer.

For questions or further info, please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer them for you.

For a demo contact [email protected] or call 614-360-2424 ext. 1.