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It is our pleasure to introduce the new release of DISCUS Software, 8.5. In particular, this release is based on the requests of our customers and by listening to their needs and ever-evolving challenges.

DISCUS 8.5 strives to meet these challenges with functionality, unmatched in quality and ease of use. This release is the customer-centric result of feedback from our customers as we want to enhance the DISCUS experience across these modules: Desktop, OCR, Results, CMM and 3D.


What’s new in DISCUS 8.5

  • Improved OCR Pattern Recognition – We improve OCR with every release. The GD&T setting for variable, numeric data is more refined and accurate. What was excellent before, we made even better.
  • New Balloon Shape – Select a triangle from the list of icons. This is ideal for identifying Flag Notes, for example.
  • Tolerance Designation for Angle Dimensions – Set the tolerance designation to handle angles. DISCUS CMM allows you to easily delete tolerance designation items.
  • Importing Tooling List from text file – Import your own list of possible values for any Results predefined list field. Simply enter the tooling into a text file and easily upload the data into the Results module. In this way, you can re-use the lists without data entry into DISCUS. Copy paste your tooling into Notepad, save it and upload it.
  • New structured requirement token for bilateral tolerances – DISCUS can now handle bi-lateral tolerances with a new token.
  • User- Defined Characteristic Class Values – Now you can create other class values, such as NA, Safety, etc. Then make this a default for the characteristics. You are no longer required to use Major, Minor or Critical: create a class based on the needs of your customer.
  • Change requirement property value for all selected characteristics – Globally select requirement information for a batch of requirements. Select characteristics you want to change and select the option. All characteristics selected will have that value, saving you time and effort in two clicks.
  • For 3D, ability to include the ballooned drawings in export with the illustrations – Export not only the illustrations but any of the ballooned prints in one export PDF. Your technical data package will have all the documents in one PDF.
  • CMM module now populates Design Tooling and FAI Equipment – Click the header in the CMM report panel to select the tooling to populate the required field (AS9102) for Designed Tooling.
  • Ability to save the CMM report to characteristic mapping – Select the header of the CMM and map it, then name it. This can be the default for future CMM reports. Now you can load the CMM and the mapping is automatic.


To try out DISCUS 8.5, download the software here.

Be sure to signup and attend our DISCUS training sessions to see these new features in action!

We are committed to your satisfaction and strive to make your DISCUS experience even more positive. We value your feedback and want to hear from you!

For questions or further info, please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer them for you.

As always, thank you for choosing DISCUS Software.