A9102 FAI Reporting Goal #5The AS9102 Standard is designed to provide a real consistency of First Article Reporting across an industry. Yet the reality is that the standard is not evenly applied and the customer’s particular interests in that report can be varied and complex. While this is true for suppliers, the OEM has a challenge of receiving various forms and formats from the body of suppliers, and often mandates a specic customer-centric form.

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One major manufacturer in Goleta, California, manages hundreds of suppliers and has the challenge of “herding the cats” and ensuring that the playing field for them is even and fair. Nevertheless, the output of the reports has been as varied as the number of suppliers. Reviewing the inspection sheets became a real burden on the OEM:

“We just didn’t have the standard response across our supply chain. We provided the form, but the output was often manual, hand ballooned and just plain dicult for us. This delayed the part and burdened us.”

This major OEM had used a software to standardize their own AS9102 forms and had done so brilliantly. By using DISCUS software and successfully standardizing their processes, they decided to give their supply chain access to the same software and thoroughly standardize their entire supply chain.

“Instead of getting reports randomly, our reports from our suppliers are now all standard and our supply chain could not be happier!”

They said DISCUS is a tremendous asset to them and the first pass approval has been impressive. They catch errors before we see them and have a professional and elegant output.

“It was the best investment for 2015 and others should do the same for the coming year,” said this Goleta Aerospace prime.”

DISCUS Software allows suppliers to have the same set of Designed Tooling, if needed, and provides an unambiguous standardization so that FAIR acceptance is not a matter of guessing but a consistent, professional response to the customers’ requirements. This quality goal to use one software package for managing your supply chain is available with DISCUS. To learn more, attend an interactive demo or to download a trial, contact [email protected]. Find out today how you can standardize reporting from your suppliers with one tool.