We are pleased to announce DISCUS 7.2 is released.

Update GraphicDISCUS 7.2 is a major update release that includes enhancements to DISCUS Desktop, OCR, Planner and 3D. This release is packed with new features and improvements based primarily on the valued feedback from our customers.

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We are happy to announce the following features now available in DISCUS 7.2:

Announcing DISCUS 7.2 – Key Enhancements

Enhanced OCR:

– The auto-compile option in the OCR Settings will auto-populate the Bill of Characteristics. As soon as you balloon, you will realize the structured data-immediately.

– New OCR options – GD&T Dimensions, Text/Notes or Automatic.  With Automatic, DISCUS will pick the best OCR recognition between GD&T Dimensions or Text/Notes is selected, no need to switch between the two–it’s done for you.

– The GD&T option will persist for your default if you close and reopen the Characteristics Properties and/or the Technical Data Package (TDP).  Whatever option you last select will be retained.

Characteristic Editing and Navigation:  Now you can leave the Characteristics Properties window up and navigate to any characteristic by selecting in the drawing panel or the Bill of Characteristics (BoC).  The Characteristic Properties window has also been streamlined to take less screen space to facilitate characteristic editing.

Drag and Drop for Renumbering: With a powerful drag and drop in the Bill of Characteristics (BoC). Now balloon an item and no need to open the Characteristics Properties box to change the number. Simply drag the new balloon to its correct location in the BoC and it is automatically renumbered.

Zoom and Pan: Zoom in with your mouse wheel and pan mode tool to zoom in a selected area of the drawing.

Compare PDFs Improvements: This is ideal for finding the differences between revisions. Any changes in the new revision will display in the color you select.

More CMM Flexibility: Enhanced CMM to suggest the Axis and the characteristics plus improved GD&T support such as true position.

TDP Backups: can be limited. Less can be more!

Default Precision and Tolerance: are set with the TDP and no need to reapply them.

Text Mark-Up: Text mark ups can be filled with color and have border options and shapes for more text options.

For Inspection Planning: All desktop tokens are available with Inspection Planning.

For 3D: the cutting plane function allows you to cut the model into segments in a few clicks. Plus experience an enhanced 3D engine upgrade.

To try out DISCUS 7.2, Download Our Free Trial Installer

For further information, please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.