DISCUS DFM with 3DRev B of the AS9102 form includes an entire section (3) for acknowledging the reality of 3D models for inspection. The standard indicates that suppliers must establish a process to extract the data from the 3D and ensure the inspection of the 3D model dimensions are completed as planned. These are to be measured, inspected, tested and verified as one would do on the 2D drawing.

DISCUS 3D accomplishes this requirement as the process for extracting and verifying are built into the software. Over 20 model types are supported by DISCUS 3D and there is no need to buy another seat of expensive 3D modeling software: these model types are native to DISCUS 3D and include, but not limited to: Catia, Pro E, Solidworks, IGES and STEP models.

Now that the AS9102 Standard Rev B anticipates the emergence of 3D for characteristic accountability and verification, isn’t it time for you to plan as well?

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