change-sameWe are a software tool provider for our particular market, but we have concerns about the low rate of software adoption within the organizations both prospects and customers we serve. This post will attempt to briefly provide a diagnosis and a bit of prescriptive advice.

Why the Low Rate of Software Adoption?

Too much focus on the technology and not enough on the user. Technology focused organizations are spending 13% more on software than those having a more user focused orientation. Spending more in this case is not delivering improved business results.

Low user involvement in the decision and purchase process.

No to limited usability analysis early in the solution discovery process.

Missing to ineffective change management plan by the organization.

Improving Your Rate of Software Adoption (simple to say-tough to do)

Invest in empowering your users, early involvement in the decision process, training, practice, listening.

Make usage adoptions rates visible, a tracked metric.

Start your human change efforts early!

Keys to Successful Change (simple to say, tough to do)

Leadership – Change yourself first then effectively communicate the what, when, where, why and how answers for the change.

Training – Over-train if possible prior to the start-up of using a new software technology.

Feedback and Recognition – make visible early wins, provide recognition to early change adopters.

Don’t waver, stay the course – Any new or changed process if left unmanaged or incorrectly measured deteriorates over time.

Be Human – It is fellow human beings we are trying to help change.

Learn more about how DISCUS Software can help you improve your user adoption. We have many ideas, tools, processes and our experience that you can benefit from.