Inspection Planning Software from DISCUSWhile many aerospace suppliers are required to create inspection reports for their customers, they also produce internal planning documents for their internal purposes. By creating a separate report for a customer and then for themselves, companies face a redundancy that wastes time and valuable resources.

Internal check sheets that capture operations, work instructions and routing, of course, is a necessary part of producing the plan for part inspection and quality checks. Often companies find that the information is practically the same they need to produce for the OEM, but not close enough to simply send the customer the same information they need for their internal purposes.

The result is a duplication of very similar efforts and can create a delay in producing the part and shipping to the customer. The more redundant paperwork a company has to endure, the more stress it causes on the resources and affects a company’s bottom line and responsiveness.

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The solution is to have one comprehensive tool that can switch seamlessly between the required customer requirements to produce the report and then back to the company’s needs. One tool is needed for both very different purposes.

According to a company in Connecticut, a software package met the needs of the OEM and their own internal planning and routing.

 “DISCUS helped us bridge that wide gap between what we needed to inspect the part and the specific form the customer needed. We had to have operations and work instructions, something that the customer had no interest in knowing, but wanted the final inspection only. With DISCUS Planner, we met both needs and now have one process that totally meets our needs.”

This quality goal to use one software package to meet all your inspection needs, internally and for your customer is available with DISCUS Inspection Planning 8.0. To learn more, attend an interactive demo or to download a trial, contact [email protected]. Find out today how you can stop the replication and redundancy of reports with DISCUS Software.