Key DISCUS 6.0 Enhancements

We are pleased to announce DISCUS 6.0 is released and available for download.

DISCUS 6.0 is a major upgrade that includes enhancements to all DISCUS products. DISCUS 3D has also been improved for DISCUS 6.0. DISCUS users have anxiously been awaiting the new and improved DISCUS 6.0 time saving and error proofing features.

DISCUS 6.0 is packed with new and improved functionality. In summary:

  • Flag Note Support – Have Flag Notes called out on your drawings? Now, with DISCUS 6.0 you can capture flag notes on drawings, apply Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to the note text and build the flag note library for each part. Apply the corresponding flag note text to each characteristic instance on the drawing.
  • Part List Find Number Support – In DISCUS 6.0 users can include the “Find Number” from the assembly drawing part list in the DISCUS part list. Then for part callout characteristics, quickly and accurately create the characteristic requirement by picking or entering the part list find numbers. Customize the display and output of the find number callout characteristic requirement by picking the desired format.
  • More Support for Excel Templates Formats – DISCUS now supports Excel template files in .xls, .xlsx and .xlsm formats. Don’t forget – you can also import custom templates into the DISCUS Excel Export dropdown list.
  • Tolerance Designations are Available – This is a new expanded default tolerancing mechanism that allows you to auto-tolerance based on the magnitude of the nominal dimension. This new tolerancing method picks the applicable tolerance based upon the Linear Dimension or Diameter nominal value, the unit of measure and tolerance designation name. The feature is built specifically for handling the tolerance tables of ISO 286-2:2010 but has been built to support general tolerance look up capabilities. It also supports ++ and  – – tolerances.


  • Improved and Addition Model Formats – The DISCUS 6.0 DISCUS 3D has improved support for CATIA, NX and Creo-Pro/E model formats and has added support for SolidWorks, STEP and IGES models. DISCUS 3D will auto-balloon original model annotations. Don’t have annotated models? Then, drop balloons on the model, create balloons for an entire model surface or by measuring distance, angles or special features.
  • Cutting Planes can be Created in 3D – Create 3D section cuts and cutting planes when working with DISCUS 3D. These can be used to create 2D illustrations and views that can be exported to PDF.
  • Create 2D Illustrations & Views from 3D CAD – The DISCUS 6.0 3D Illustration Manager is a feature that enables the reuse of the original existing CAD illustrations (views) as well as creates new ones defined by the user. These “views” can contain characteristics, dimensions, notes, GD&T, annotations and other useful information. Include the items you need for the specific inspection or operation. All or selected illustrations are exported to 2D PDF for downstream use. Also, control the location of the part information block in the 2D PDF pages.
  • New 3D Measurements are Available – Use the expanded measurement feature which includes the ability to:
    • Measure Thicknesses – mouse over the model to measure thickness at the point, select to create characteristic, include the thickness point distance from reference datum
    • Chamfer measure tool – as the first of specific feature measure and characteristic creation tool, select a chamfer on a model and automatically create corresponding characteristics
    • Measure from user defined datum – define you own plane, axis or point datum and use these in measurements

To try out DISCUS 6.0, download the free trial installer.

To try out DISCUS 3D or ask us questions contact us and we’ll get right back to you.