PPAPThe automotive industry defined the Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) as a means of instituting an up-front approach for building-in quality. With this requirement in mind, automotive industry representative created a very rigorous approach for validating the production of a part before it’s released into on-going production. The automotive industry released QS-9000 (the international equivalent is ISO 16949) to govern the APQP process and define the details of Production Part Approval Process (PPAP).

The PPAP is a mandatory requirement for most all automotive suppliers.  It specifically deals with determining and ensuring that the entire customer’s engineering criteria, design records, and specification requirements are properly understood.  In addition, PPAP is intended to prove that the supplier’s processes can produce products which meet those requirements during the actual production.

The overall PPAP effort consists of many steps such as mapping the process, performing failure analyses, etc.; In addition, the formal PPAP submission consists of many forms such as control plans, failure mode and effects analysis, part submission warrants, etc.  Thus, many suppliers consider the PPAP to be a very laborious effort.

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