Share in the benefits of rapid growth

As a potential partner, you want  to grow your business. The DISCUS Partner Program is designed for you. We are creating an influential community of providers dedicated to delivering solutions to manufacturing and quality engineers.

document_20_4_168The core competency of the DISCUS software is managing a part’s Technical Data Package at the characteristic level of detail. DISCUS enables a user to view a drawing or model and quickly identify the features and characteristics. This identification can then be used to efficiently create downstream artifacts for manufacturing and quality assurance. This includes First Article Inspections, In-Process Inspection Plans, Manufacturing Process Plans, and Producibility Analyses. DISCUS is saving companies in aerospace, automotive, and medical industries thousands of dollars every day. More importantly, the adoption of DISCUS is growing by leaps and bounds.

The two documents below that you can download provide you with a starting point in finding out more about the DISCUS Partner Program:

DISCUS Partner Program Description
DISCUS Partner Program Application

The first step is to fill-out and submit the DISCUS Partner Program Application Form.  Based on the response from your application, a senior manager from DISCUS will contact you to begin the mutual due diligence on the potential working relationship.